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Customer satisfaction is our motto by ensuring quality products.

We, at Coral Lubricants Pvt Ltd, are committed to manufacture and supply quality lubricants, which meet customer expectations and regulatory requirements. We shall continually strive to improve our quality managementsystem through communication and understanding within the organization and its effectiveness by achieving quality objectives in every function. We shall maintain entrepreneurship excellence through visionary leadership to continually upgrade our resources, infrastructure and work Work environment to support our quality aims.

Quality Plan

We producing modern high quality Automotive, Industrial Lubricants, Greases & Allied Products. We are are testing number of formulations using different proportions and types of base oils and additives, using a combination of tests from our own in-house methods. It is our policy to market only products which are blended as per API, JASO MA 2 , SAE, NLGI,IS standards and tested by ASTM methods. Typical engine oil is made up of a blend of different base oils, viscosity, index improvers, and a variety of of chemical performance additives,each contributing its own special properties to the finished product. These Performance additives like anti-wear additives, dispersants, anti-oxidants, anti-foam, anti-rust and detergents, can make up between 15-20 percent of engine oil. They combat the effects of Combustion, load, wear,oxidation, contamination, variation in temperature and pollution. This is made possible by a good relationship with many world class base oil supplier and additive manufactures company’s world wide, and facilities available in the well equipped laboratory at the I.B.Enterprises plant. CLPL care of its products to be of genuine quality and free from defects. After receiving any complaint from customer our technical team is always ready to take care of it. On going technical support from CLPL is an integral part of initial and after sales service.


We believe that quality cannot be achieved through random checks over the final product, but has to be be built into every stage of manufacture, right from the procurement of the raw materials. Therefore, we have a tradition to buy raw material from the technically well-established suppliers who are keep in keeping the consistency in the quality of the batches. In line with our culture, we have a \\\\\\\"Total Quality Management Plan\\\\\\\" depicted as follows


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