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1. How is low smoke oil effective in controlling pollution?

Low smoke oil is an advance category, different from the usual one which, and is essentially clean burning oil, usually made from semi - synthetic components which help in controlling pollution.

2. What is the lubrication system in a two - wheeler?

There are two types of two wheeler engines at present, one is 2 - stroke and another is 4 - stroke. In case of 2 - stroke engine it may have either a premix system or a separate oil injection system. In the former case, you are required to mix lubricating oil while filling petrol in a particular proportion recommended by the manufacturer of the vehicle. Whereas, in case of a separate oil injection system, you have to simply fill the lube tank and there is an in - built unit in your vehicle that controls the flow of oil in petrol.

3. How is lubrication different in a four - stroke 2 - wheeler as compared to a car?

You require a single lubricant for clutch transmission, engine and other components in the crankcase in most cases. Oil naturally needs to be different, if it has to satisfy all the above requirements.

4. Why should not we use engine oil for diesel or petrol vehicles in two-wheeler?

Two wheelers with 2 – stroke engines have different kind of engines than Cars and trucks having 4 – stroke engine that work in different manner. Engine oils used in cars and trucks contains ZDDP, which results in higher deposits and spark plug fouling. High ash content lead to pre - ignition due to combustion deposits Single grade oils are viscous, which result in deposits & smoke. Truck and car engine oils do not contain a solvent, which is required for a 2 - stroke engine because it has to mix with petrol.

5. What is JASCO FC oil?

JASO is Japanese Automobile Standard Organization and JASO FC is a specification issued by them for 2 - stroke 2 - wheeler oils. Over the years, a specification issued by JASO has gained importance because of its special emphasis on controlling smoke. In order to combat the serious pollution caused by a very large number of two wheelers in the country, Govt. has stipulated the minimum level of 2 stroke engine oil as JASO FC and API TC, which is a Low Smoke Oil.

6. Why a car needs Engine Oil?

Lubricants play very important role in any moving machines. It is impossible to run any engine with out a lubricant. Engine oil does many jobs as given under and is the secret behind the longevity of your car engine. 
Engine oil Lubricates and prevents wear and tear of the parts of engines by reducing frictions. It helps to achieve a quick start. It protects from rust and corrosion and keeps engine internal parts clean and cool. It also seal combustion product, and ensure fuel economy.

7. What is the correct way of checking Engine Oil in the vehicle?

It is important to keep the engine oil at the correct level, to ensure proper lubrication of your vehicle's engine. Check the oil level with the vehicle on a level surface. The oil level indication may be inaccurate if the vehicle is on a slope. The oil level should be checked either before starting the engine, or at least two or three minutes after stopping the engine. Pull out the oil dipstick, wipe off oil with a clean cloth, insert the dipstick all the way into the engine, and then remove it again. The oil on the stick should be between the upper and lower limits shown on the stick. If the oil level indication is near the lower limit add enough oil to rise to the upper limit.

8. What is the correct way of changing engine oil in the vehicle?

Drain the engine oil when the engine is still warm. You should change the engine oil at intervals recommended in your vehicle manual. Remove the oil filler cap. Place a drain pan under the drain plug. Using the correct spanner remove the drain plug and drain out the engine oil. The engine oil temperature may be high enough to burn your fingers when the drain plug is loosened. Wait until the drain plug is cool enough to touch with your bare hands. If possible, wear moisture proof gloves. Recycle or properly dispose of used oil as a good citizen.

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