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Business races are won with the lubricants quality & Service.

We at, Coral Lubricants Pvt. Ltd. ( CLPL) has been making your journeys smooth with our range of quality lubricants for various purpose. We are fast growing company dealing with automotive, Industrial, Greases & allied products under the Brand name ENOL.

ENOL is a well-established brand developed by young technocrats who are well versed with the latest technology used around the world in the 21st century. The base of the company has a strong foundation of philosophy, based on Best Services and Quality of the Products, for ultimate satisfaction of consumers needs. Quality of the product, in this era of globalization, has been proved to be of great importance, and that has a capacity to motivate and accelerate world’s economy at every level.

ENOL range of Lubricants has footed as the undisputed product in the market in western India as it is known for STATE -OF- ART Technology with higher performance. Enol is backed by globally renowned Masters, “LUBRIZOL”, who are pioneers in the field since centuries, extends knowhow in all respect, for developments of Products for optimum performance on fields. We are committed to maintain the international quality norms like API, JASO MA 2, SAE, NLGI, IS & ISO: 9001:2008. Our products are used in a broad range of applications, with multiple end uses .

ENOL is a one-stop shop for quick, easy and convenient lubricant care, providing customers with a refreshing experience across the country. Our range includes several lubricants used in all field namely Automotive, Industrial, Marine and Agriculture and encompasses literally every lubricant requirement.

Our products are Engine oils, Gear oils, Hydraulic oils, Cutting oils, Quenching oils etc. and all types of greases required for the Automotive, Industrial Market in various packaging 40 ml Pouches to 210 Ltrs. Barrel also Bulks.

These 2 ‘all weather brands’ are at par with the ever changing Indian Conditions. Our research and development team always Keeps close contact with our technology partners and consultants and try to upgrade the products  as per the specific needs. This innovation goes ahead in using high quality additives for reducing engine wear & tear, Ensuring Low ash, Providing nano-thin coating on piston cylinders with controlled deposit for a smooth & clean Engine Performance. Our World Class Lubricant Brand ENOL Come at very competitive prices too!

“Grow and Let grow”


This is the motto we are marching with. The more we sell, the more we invest, the more we employed and thus more we grow. Come give us your helping hand in partering this revolution. A revolution that covers we, you and us. We all can usher to alleviate national poverty by providing a veritable platform for self employment and eventually contribute to our Gross Domestic Product as well as raise per capitia Incomes in impoverished homes in India’s hinterland, the unseen, but not unfelt, bossom of our nativity.

“Come join us; it is  now a national priority and a global mission.”



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